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Commander Bjorn Tyrson

Name Bjorn Tyrson

Position Missing In Action

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7
Weight 230
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Bjorn is a giant of a man. He instantly intimidates a room just by walking in. He keeps the hair on his head a manageable length. He sports a very well kept but larger beard, as done many of his native people. he has a full sleeve of tattoos on his right arm and a few on his left arm, legs, back, and chest.


Father Rollo Tyrson
Mother Ingred Tyrson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bjorn is a very complex man. He is true believer in the old gods and their ways. While proficient with modern tech and weapons he always has low tech work arounds for most situation. For his inner circle he is madly loyal and would lay his life down for them. He is a true definition of a Sheepdog. He protects his flock at all costs from the Wolves of evil.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
1. His shear size and intimidating presence.
2. His elite athletic physique
3. Ability to think outside the box to get a job done.

1. His size makes it hard for people to approach him
2. When his flock is threatened he has a rage that is unmatched
Hobbies & Interests Bjorn is very much into Meditation and Communing with the Old Gods. He loves to fish, hunt, and camp. Loves to get away from the 24th Century and be primitive from time to time.

Personal History In 2350 Bjorn was born in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland to Rollo and Ingred Tyrson. His town was stepped in tradition and kind of cut off from the modern world. The people in his town very much believed and worshiped the Old Norse Gods. As Bjorn got older he grew very large and used his size to complete in Viking games. Where they would have strongman competitions. He enjoyed this time very much and loved to compete.

As people from all over came to compete in these games Bjorn started to learn more and more about the world and the universe. This very much interested him because since a little boy his dream was to leave Midguard and find the Land of the Gods, Asgard. When he learned of space travel he knew this maybe his opportunity.

In 2367 Bjorn joined Starfleet by enrolling in Starfleet Academy. As a first year cadet word of what was going on above them in the Battle of Wolf 359 made Bjorn sure that he was taking the paths layed out by the gods. He concentrated he studies in Security/Tactical. These classes came very easy to a man of his size and strength.

2371 finds Bjorn graduating from the Academy and taking a post as a Security officer on the USS Eclipse. This was a good learning post and got him out into the stars. The Eclipse was recalled to Sector 001 in 2373 to defend against a Borg Incursion in the Sol System. Many lives where lost that day and the Eclipse suffered large amounts of damage. So much so that the surviving crew where transferred to the USS Lafayette and redeployed to help the forces fighting around Bajor.

After the Battle of Sector 001 Bjorn was moved up to Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical. He would hold this job through out the Dominion War with distinction.

After the war Bjorn is named Chief of Security and Tactical and continued on the Lafayette until 2389 when he is promoted and reassigned to the USS Proxima as it's Executive Officer
Service Record 2367-2371 Starfleet Academy
2371-2373 Security Officer, USS Eclipse
2373-2375 Asst. Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Lafayette
2375-2389 Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Lafayette
2389-2393 Executive Officer, USS Proxima
2389 Found guilty of war crimes against the Cardassian Union.