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Working Progress

Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2019 @ 10:37am by Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara Daughter of House Mordok & Chief Petty Officer Willie Jackson

Mission: Ordering Obsidian Information
Location: Science Lab

The projection which dominated the end of the lab ran on an endless loop, displaying in real time all the sensor data collected from the moment of contact with Biggs and Bjorn on the surface of the planetoid to the initiation of QSD.

“We need to make sense of this.” Lon didn’t turn from the data when he addressed the others in the room. “If we can do that we’ll have the path forward in determining what happened here.”

Willie stood there looking at projected data of the system as it looped through time. Just as the recording showed Bjorn being beamed out Willie spoke up. "Computer pause simulation." On command projection stopped in time. You could see the energy reading from the planet of Bjorn being beamed away. Willie looked on the outskirts of the system. "Computer on this time stamp where is the Rowlings?"

At the question the project pulled back further to show the Rowlings on an intercept but still outside of the system. "Well I think its safe to rule out the Rowlings as having him. That would be to large of a signal boast to make that pull." He said looking at the people in the room.

"The Lunar Institute for Technology published some papers on the possibility of interstellar transporters back in the late 80s." Lon remarked abscently. "The power requirement was considered prohibitive. So we're looking for a cloaked ship, or moonside facility. Biggs, what do you remember about the events prior to the array exploding?"

"Wait.......Biggs didn't you get a neutrino surge just at that moment like a minute before the transport took place? If so that would indicate that the speculation of a prototype transporter that can beam through a cloak. If I am not mistaking, there was a notification from SFI that either the Breen or the Cardassians or maybe the Founders. If one of them do have it, then we might be in for a resurgence of a power shift in the quadrant again", T'Ponga said.

"Yeah... yeah, we did," Biggs replied, rubbing his chin. "That's a hell of a leap, though... why use something like that on the Captain?" He asked, furrowing his brow. "What could they want with him?"

Willie looked up from the console for a second "why are they killing off worlds???" He let that sink in. "Speaking of neutrino surge that is something we can try and pinpoint. We were scanning for broad energy signatures but if we search for just this it maybe a true lead." Willie was talking while his fingers flew over the console adjusting the search parameters.

"Anti-tau neutrinos." Lon interjected. "The cloak harmonics will accelerate the neutrino decay in that direction."

Everyone waited as the holoprojections took a moment to satisfy current search parameters. Willie kept his eye on the moon spot where Bjorn had been hijacked from. "There!!" He exclaimed as the slightest power spike happened in the spot and as time elapsed in slow motion you saw the energy signature travel but get fainter over time till it vanashed. "That has to be our ship. Now how do you know where it went?"

"There's only so many places it could go in any given direction," Biggs offered. "We could try extrapolating possible points of origin inline with the bad actors that we're talking about. Cardassian hot spots, Romulan, all that good stuff," He tried, sounding hopeful for the first time since Bjorn disappeared.

"We can correlate those with known Obsidian Order bases." Lon offered, "They weren't left with much after the war, but if I were running things I'd look to start up at anything the Dominion didn't hit."

Willie made some more key strokes and the map expanded further out and there where two planets lit up. "As long as Intels data is current these are the only known Order bases in reasonable warp jump from where we were." Willie turned to Lon.

Lon nodded. "Which one do you like?" He asked the Intelligence Officer. "Anything in the files point toward where they might have gone?"

Looking at the map, T'Ponga immediately pointed to the one nearest to them. "This was the last known planet that remained free from the Dominion but had Cardassian rebels on it", she said. Looking at Lon, and now Willie, finally at Biggs. "This is where we start. Right here", she said still pointing at the spot. T'Ponga was lost in time seeing Bjorn abducted and possibly dead. The vision was burned into her memory as well as her heart.


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