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Briefing to Infiltrate

Posted on Wed Jan 15th, 2020 @ 4:57pm by Commander Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Chief Petty Officer Willie Jackson

Mission: Ordering Obsidian Information

KB walked off the bridge and into the conference room. He had gotten word the investigation team had figured information out with their deciphering. He paced about the room. He knew Vreia and Pip would be behind him momentarily as they finished up on the bridge. He was eager to hear what the team had found out. He could feel his blood boiling with anticipation with exacting revenge, as well as finding Bjorn.

T'Ponga walked into the conference room and stood by the window, leaning on the bulkhead watching the stars whiz by. She was lost in thought as the vision of Bjorn kept dancing in her mind

Willie was in a rush as he slide in he was still trying to eat a sandwich. He rarely felt he had time sit and get a full meal these days.

Reluctant as ever to leave his instruments and experiments, Lon brought up the rear of the group. He sat at was fast becoming his new seat; at the opposite end to the table to the captain.

KB leaned against the wall, not wanting to sit yet. "What did you decipher?" He asked plainly.

"We found where they went. It was a team effort and we found the planet they went to. Lon and Willie and Biggs can fill you in better than I...."she said flatly.

Acknowledging T'Ponga, KB turned his attention to the others of the group to hear what the rest had to say. His face stayed neutral, which was only betrayed by the fire in his eyes.

"There was a cloaked shuttle in orbit. There's three likely bases of operation within it's range." Lon brought an image of the station up on conference rooms display screen. An old Cardassian Nor class space station. "Pong felt this was the most likely. I'll modify a couple of probes to send out to the others just in case."

"Can you keep the probes from being noticed?" KB inquired.

"I can probably invent something, unless Pong has some Intel tricks up her sleeve?" Lon replied, looking at the intelligence officer.

"Not so much as intelligence as engineering. If you want to hide a probe, why not make it blend with the stars? Parabolic mirrors and mini holoprojections. It can be done as I have done it before. The mini holoemitters can be kept in continuously running by a fuel cell and the parabolic mirrors can be scaled down to fit the probes", T'Ponga said.

"If he is not on that station then he is on the planet. I think the closer we get, I might be able to sense his presence", T'Ponga stated.

KB nodded. He looked over at the rest of the crew. "Willie, Biggs, other thoughts?"

"Systems are working nominally. I think as we get closer I can steal some extra juice to help us boast our scanning capabilities." Willie gave his thoughts.

"Sounds good. The base is far. We will start heading there at low warp, which will give us time to prepare. Questions?"

Lon looked over the assembled crew, officers wasn't the right word given their current status as fugitives, before settling on KB. "We need to decide on the away team for this."

T'Ponga stayed silent as she let her mind open to sense anything she could, specifically Bjorn. She was determined to find him and clear their names.

"We'll play the team by ear," KB looked about the room. "Lets get as prepared as possible. Walking into an Obsidian Order base will be no easy feat. Dismissed."


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