Sneaking into the Sneaky

Posted on Tue Feb 11th, 2020 @ 12:58pm by Commander Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Chief Petty Officer Willie Jackson

Mission: Ordering Obsidian Information

KB stood from the conference room table. Strewn across it was information collected by the rest of the crew about the base and proposals of getting Bjorn back, "If he is there," he mused to himself. Glancing up at the wall mounted screen, he could see they were nearing their target. "It wouldn't be long, and the battle favors us this time," KB said to encourage himself.

The swoosh of the door closed behind KB as he stepped onto the bridge and saw the majority of the senior crew there. "Status?"

"Intelligence reports nothing new other than we may be correct about Bjorn being on the station. I have a very light sense of a very arrognant individual who is putting up a fight. What I sense is anger. Anger is a very potent emotion captain", T'Ponga said.

Willie made his way onto the bridge. "KB, Engineering is still working on the QSD. It appears that the previous crew rarely used it and certainly didn't do much preventative maintenance on it. Now that we have made a fews jumps that lack of care is starting to show." He explained as he made his way to the empty work station. "We also prepped up and deployed 5 probes that we Frankensteined into what I like to call decoys. I can control them from here and they will send out very confusing sensor data. I have spread them out as we made our way into the system that way if someone is watching the sensor screen they will be so busy with figuring out what is going on that we can sneak in a bit easier." He finished as he started to pull up his engineering commands.

Lon vacated the central chair as soon as he spotted KB, retreating to the sanctuary of his science station. "There's a few ships on the long range scan, but it doesn't look like we've been spotted. The probes we sent out to the other locations are reporting back negative contacts."

KB walked over to the center chair and sat down, digesting the information before responding to anyone. "So we should still have the element of surprise Lon?"

"If we move quickly, yes."

KB nodded and then turned to face Willie "How soon can you get the QSD back online and operating correctly Willie?"

"Aye its not looking good we may have to go old school and make the run on warp. I can confirm the core checks out this ole Intrepid can shake and bake." Willie replied from his station.

Biggs stepped onto the bridge, a tactical black and grey uniform in place of his usual gold one, "Sir, Security Teams are ready for boots on the ground," He replied, firmly, seemingly regaining some of his footing now that he had work to do. "You give the word and we'll take it to these guys. I'd prefer to have marines and actual ordnance available, but... we'll make it work," He said, giving the CO a nod.

"A warrior's heart is all that is required," KB replied with a smile that has tasted blood before.

The closer they got, the more strength the emotion from the individual. "Captain, the anger is getting stronger the closer we get. It is humanoid definitely but I can not tell you what race or who", T"Ponga said sadly.

"K.B. I'm picking up a transmission." Lon interrupted, his frown almost visible in his voice. "There's encryption on it I don't recognise, but it's definitely Starfleet in origin."

"That," KB said, thinking about it, "Doesn't make sense. Bjorn would transmit something we'd recognize. What kind of encryption is it? Can you tell?"

"It's not one I recognise. I've sent it to Intelligence and security to take a crack at." The Betazoid science officer tapped away at his console. "I'll keep working on locating the source."

"Mirok, Tactical ready in case we get noticed?" KB asked, turning again to face another one his officers.

Getting a nod from Mirok, KB took a few steps forward and turned to face the majority of people on the bridge. "We are almost there. Finish our last preparations before Vreia sneaks us in. Cut off all external transmissions so we can stay as dark as possible. Once we are settled we'll beam over."

"I've pinpointed the origin of the signal." Lon gave a significant look in KB's direction. "It's coming from the station."