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A Wrinkle in the Plans

Posted on Thu Jan 16th, 2020 @ 2:19pm by Chief Petty Officer Willie Jackson

Mission: Ordering Obsidian Information
Location: USS Valhalla-Engineering

To say this assignment was different would be understatement of the year. Willie was on his third person to sit in the center seat in a few months. He wasn’t on his assigned ship. Instead he was on one that he had help steal. Oh and that was after him and his crew where on a Breen prison planet charged with genocide. To say the crew where distracted would also be a huge understatement.

Willie was somehow now a Chief Engineer. How is that possible he was a hands on, do the work, hates people kind of guy and now he was being trusted to not just do his job but to ensure the whole department did theirs. Plus with them having such and small crew he was filling in with Operations duties from time to time.

He looked at the readouts from there last jump. He had looked over the data a couple times because something had felt off and he knew he wasn’t imagining it. As he poured over the data with fine detail he finally found something on his fifth time through. Willie looked up and then looked back at the anomaly power flux that had shown up. “What caused this?” He asked himself in his empty office.

Willie went out of his office and over to the main table and started to punch in some variables while also running a current diagnosis on things. As he looked and looked he saw something else. This anomaly was different but equally as troubling. He hurried back into his office and started to compose an urgent message for the Command staff.

We have a wrinkle. While it was fortunate for us to borrow this ship with its QSD and all we now have an issue. I found a slight power fluctuation in the last jump. It was small but when I went back over the data from all of our jumps it isn’t new and it is getting worse each time. I just ran a basic diagnostic and I think I see the issue but I need permission to take the drive completely offline to really get in and make sure it’s just the one issue. We will still have full use of other propulsion systems.


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