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A Mere Reflection

Posted on Mon Jan 20th, 2020 @ 1:28am by Lieutenant Andi Dreik
Edited on on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 1:53pm

Mission: Ordering Obsidian Information
Location: Orion Base

Andi pulled herself out of bed, a heavy sigh escaping her lips as she sat with her feet brushing the floor. Once upon a time waking up meant that she would take a shower, get dressed, eat a nice breakfast of what ever she chose, brush her teeth, get dressed and brush her hair, ready to face her day.

It had been seven months... well, to be more specific, seven months, three weeks and one day.

Her contact had not appeared.

Her ship was gone.

There was no signs of friendly life in this Orion hell... Just... a new routine. Wake up. Injections twice daily of dyes to adjust the pigmentation of her skin. Eye drops twice a day to darken and dilate her eyes. Careful application of both hair color and eye color... and an intimate knowledge of Orion medical care to help bolster her claims.

Yet here she was.


The harshness of the voice snapped through the room and immediately Andi drew a sharp breath.

"Yes Mistress," she replied appropriately, her head bowed, her eyes downcast, exactly as was expected.

Tharass stared at the younger female for a few moments before shaking her head. These new ones would simply never understand the ways of the old. Any family would spill blood to have a daughter standing where Teesha was, yet she didn't seem to appreciate it.

"Raimeh is expecting you."

The voice was curt and disapproving.

"Yes Mistress," was all Andi could respond with.

Taking a deep breath, she set the brush down on the dresser in front of her and stared again at her reflection in the mirror, trying to silence the voices that were rioting within her.

"I will go immediately." With a slight nod and an even slighter bow, she drew another breath and straightened the few scraps of fabric that passed as her clothing.

~ You are a medical officer. ~ she reminded herself mentally. ~ You are not some sum of anyone elses fixations.~ She drew a deep breath, pulling her shoulders up and staring defiantly at her own reflection in the mirror. ~ This too shall pass.~


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